Dinosaurs… black-and-white TV… telephones the plug into the wall. All outdated relics of yesteryear, right? Does email fall into that same category? Lots of people – and businesses – seem to think so.

With the proliferation of all those different online “chat “apps and services, it’s hard to believe that email still has a place in modern, online, digital life. Yet, when it comes to business, email is just as important-if not more so-than ever.

E-Mail Still The Go-To Communications Method For Business

It’s probably true that various online apps have taken the place of email for person-to-person communications. Apps can be faster, are more immediate, and maybe even a little more personal. You can quickly send pictures, soundbites, emoticons and so much more with the touch of a button, or even by speaking them by voice.

Yet when it comes to business, I’ll say it again. Email is still the preferred method of communication. If you run a small business, or a home-based business, you’re going to want to master the art of email communications.

Why is that? It’s simple. You can as the business establish a pattern of communication with your customers and potential clients, through a regular email that goes out to everyone.

In today’s video, I talk about how to set up what in the business world is called a lead-capture system. Basically, that means you offer a small bit of “value” in exchange for a person’s email address when they visit your website or blog.

By offering a little bit of value (yet again), you position yourself even more as an expert in your field or particular business. Another benefit, is that once you do establish yourself as the go-two expert, people on your mailing list will actually look forward to receiving your regular email messages. I trust that you will continue to offer value and important, helpful information in each and every email you send out.

It’s All About “Top-Of-Mind-Awareness”

As we’ve talked about in several of the past few videos, your marketing efforts are all about establishing what’s called “top-of-mind-awareness.” The whole idea is that when a person is in need of a particular service, they think of your business first, since you have been in front of their attention for quite some time already with your regular emails, videos, blog posts and more.

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