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The Power to Go Viral

How many YouTube and Facebook videos have you seen with literally millions of views? Of course the chances of you local restaurant or car repair shop getting millions of views is not quite the same as the latest hilarious cat video…but that shouldn’t stop you from putting out videos that connect and engage your audience. Anything that’s “share-able” is a very good thing. Even if you’re just giving some great tips and tricks that serve your target audience, there’s a good chance that viewers will share your video with their friends. After all, if I’m having a problem – and you helped me solve it – why wouldn’t I want to share that good news with friends?

The Power to Boost Search Results

Google owns YouTube, so any video that does well on YouTube is going to show up on Google search results, too. Most people searching the internet for solutions to problems and challenges will turn to one or both of these powerful search “engines.” Especially if it’s a “how to” question; things people turn to YouTube by the millions for every day. Make your videos helpful, problem-solving and – if possible – relatable and funny.

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Because of the family relationship between YouTube and Google, there’s a lot of “crossover” with search results. When Google spots a video that’s doing well (lots of views and interaction) on YouTube, that video will be featured in search results on the main Google page, too. Because people spend more time engaged with video than they do simple text-based websites (and they do!), Google likes to give preferential treatment to videos. That’s a very good thing for video producers.

The Power of Engagement

Getting people to “engage” with your content (videos, website, etc.) is super-powerful, for a lot of reasons. With all their space-age technology, Google (and other search sites) can tell when people spend time watching / consuming your content, and when they interact with it. That means leaving comments, questions and suggestions. Hitting the “Like” button, reposting, re-tweeting, and so much more. All of those “social signals” as they’re called tell Google that your “stuff” is popular…and that moves it up in search rankings. Again, a very good thing.

The Power of Education (and Branding)

Several marketing thought leaders (including my mentors) use this new catch-phrase: “Out-teach your competition.” People come to the internet to find answers to questions, to solve problems, to learn new things. If you can help those people by being a teacher, guide and thought leader, you’ll reap the benefits of that leadership. You and your business will be the person (or business) people think of first when they have a problem or challenge they know you can help with. This keeps people coming back to your videos, your website, etc. While they’re there, you should be showing them the best, easiest way to get in touch with you….your “call to action.”

You become “branded” as the go-to person in your local area (or around the world) when it comes to a certain “thing.” That thing can be your business, your product, your area of expertise. No matter what product(s) you sell or service you provide, the goal is to create that “top-of-mind-awareness” with your customers. That’s just a little marketing-speak…it means you’re the one people think of when it comes to a certain product or service. I say “Worldwide leader in sports…” You say ESPN. (If you’re a sports fan.) THAT’S where you want to be with your audience.


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