Today’s marks the third in a series of posts and videos that talk about my “full spectrum local business marketing method.” If you haven’t seen the first two videos yet, you might want to go back and take a look at those, although you don’t have to do them in order to get the benefit. Take your time, check out today’s video and then circle back to the others.

The Full-Spectrum Marketing Method – Business Blogging

Today, we’re talking about using a blog or website to maintain your own business “real estate” on the web. It’s so very important that you have this private property, so to speak, when it comes to having a business presence online.

Your business may be very good at adding new content to the major social media sites on an ongoing basis. You may post to Facebook every day, you may be adding new videos to your YouTube account every week, and that’s all really good… but there is one major catch. You and your business do not control the content on major social media platforms. Yes, you may write it, or create the video, and post it to the big sites like Facebook and YouTube. Yet – and this is huge – if something should happen and you inadvertently violate what’s called the “terms of service” for any big platform, the company can shut down your account immediately, and you are in a very real sense, out of business.

Of course, you could create a new Facebook account, or a new YouTube account, but that’s very difficult, and you can’t recover the old content from previous accounts. You would be starting all over again, which would obviously be a real pain in the you-know-what.

Don’t Leave Your Local Business Marketing To Only Social Media Sites

With that in mind, it becomes even more important for you and your business to have its own private piece of “real estate,” on the Internet. What does that mean? Well, when you own your own website or blog you control the content on that site. No other company is going to remove it from the Internet. Now, you do have to remember to pay the bills for your web hosting account, but that’s another issue entirely, and will address that all later date. But as long as you maintain your account in good standing you can pretty much do whatever you want with your website or blog on the Internet.

This really gives you a home – so to speak – for your business on the Internet. And one of the really important things that you can do with your entire full spectrum marketing plan, is to move visitors from Facebook or YouTube over to your business blog site on an on-going basis. Simply put, this means that as people read your material on Facebook or watch your videos on YouTube, you are also encouraging them to come and visit your business on your own website. Now, before moving on, I can already hear your question: “What should I blog about?” Simple! Just talk (write) about the things that make your business or offering unique and special. What you do for customers and clients that no other similar business does. For even more ideas, check the previous post / video on using YouTube. Click here for that post. 

Once there, you can interact with them on a more personal basis. Lots and lots of websites also have a way in which they capture the information of each and every visitor. This means offering some type of free resource; a checklist a cheat sheet, that sort of thing, in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. This allows the business to continue to communicate with that client or would-be customer on a regular basis. That is a very powerful, very valuable thing indeed.

We’ll have lots more information on that process-gathering visitor information-in future blog posts and videos. For now, simply know that having a blog for your business on the Internet is super-important. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. In fact you’ll find training on this website that will show you exactly how to create your own blog and do it in an easy and simple way.

If you have questions about building your own business website please leave your comments or questions below this post. I read them all personally, and will get back to you with answers and help as best I can. ]Was This Information Helpful? I hope so! If it was, I’d really appreciate it if you commented below and shared it on your social media outlets (Facebook, etc.)

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