It’s kind of a cliche, yet it’s true: There really are two kinds of people in the world…those who get paid for network marketing, and those who don’t.

Notice I did NOT say “people who DO network marketing and those who don’t,” because it’s a simple fact that everyone does some type of network marketing, virtually every day. OK, I suppose there are a few people living alone some deserted island somewhere who don’t have anyone else to talk to, but those are few and far between…and we would’t want them on our teams, anyway.

Just remember a few of the recent conversations you’ve had with friends, family, co-workers…anyone, really. When the conversation comes around to “so, what’s new with you?” (as it almost always does), you probably jump in with some news about the latest, greatest movie you just saw, or some great (or not-so-great) restaurant you just ate at, or your hot new car that you’re showing off to everyone. All of that is – at the most basic level – networking and network marketing.

Because network marketing is really nothing more than sharing your experiences with the “stuff” of your life with others. It can be about anything! I’ve already mentioned movies, restaurants and cars, but how many other things can you think of that you’ve told your friends about? The list is probably endless.

Also remember that the experience you had doesn’t have to be a good one. You can tell a friend to stay away from a bad movie or awful restaurant just as easily as you can a good one. Yet with friends and family and those we are close to, I feel there’s a bit of a bias towards talking about the good things we find. It’s almost like we’re trying to “show off” a bit and demonstrate our expertise in picking out the good stuff in life for ourselves and our families.

When people tell me they’d be “uncomfortable” with network marketing because they don’t want to try to “sell” their friends anything, I always say “Great! Then don’t do that.” Network marketing is not about selling. If you’re working hard to “sell” something to someone else, you’re doing it WRONG. Used car salespeople have to sell you what they’ve got on their lot. (Sorry, used-car salesperson readers. It’s an old cliche, I know.)

With network marketing, we’re simple doing what we always do with those that are close to us. Sharing experiences, ideas, products and services that work for us in our everyday lives. Most – if not all – network marketing companies sell products and provide services that real, everyday people (like you and me) use every day. Me, my company is in the health and wellness segment. I can look through my company’s catalog and find dozens of things to use around my house…things I’m already buying at the local big-box store anyway. (“Transfer buying” is another topic for another day.)

My point is this: If I find a product that does a great job for me, my home, my family… I’m going to tell my friends about it. That – at it’s core – is what network marketing is all about.

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